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How to Make Temaki Sushi (Japanese Hand Roll Sushi)
Ingredients for Temaki Sushi (serves 3) 300ml Rice (10 1/2 oz) 300ml Water (10 1/2 oz) 1 tbsp Sake 5x5cm Kombu Kelp (2x2 inches) 2 tbsp Roasted White Sesame Seeds A Little Ginger 40ml Rice Vinegar (2 tbsp & 2 tsp) 1/2 tbsp Sugar 1 tsp Salt 2 Eggs 2 tsp Sugar A Bit of Salt 4 Srimps 100g Chu-Toro - Medium Fatty Tuna (3 1/2 oz) 100g Kampachi - Greater Amberjack (3 1/2 oz) 100g Fatty Salmon (3 1/2 oz) 1 Precooked Anago - Conger Eel 2 Scallops 1 Cuttlefish Looseleaf Lettuce Newly Harvested Onion Radish Sprouts 1/2 Cucumber 50g Takuan - Pickled Daikon Radish (2 oz) 50g Nagaimo - Japanese Mountain Yam (2 oz) 10 Shiso Leaves - Beefsteak Leaves Toasted Nori - Toasted Laver Seaweed Gari - Sushi Ginger Mayonnaise Wasabi - Grated Japanese Horseradish Soy Sauce How to Make Steamed Rice Wash 300ml rice (10 1/2 oz) and drain the rice in a sieve basket. Put the rice in a rice cooker, and add 300ml water (10 1/2 oz), 1 tbsp sake and 5x5cm kombu kelp (2x2 inches). Let the rice soak in the water for 30 minutes and turn on the rice cooker. About Music Frédéric Chopin - Valse in D-flat major "Minute Waltz" - Op. 64 No. 1 Play by Muriel Nguyen Xuan, recording by Stéphane Magnenat
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Kikkoman Sushi Technique
Making sushi is easier than you think — just check out Kikkomans easy-to-follow sushi technique video, and get rolling! Well guide you through the steps for making a traditional norimaki with pickled vegetables, as well as the popular California Roll. Sushi is perfect for potlucks, or you can host your own sushi party, where everyone rolls their own with their favorite ingredients! For the entire recipe, please visit:
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Sunset Sushi Roll-How To Make How To Make A Sunset Sushi Roll. This sushi roll is a instant classic. If you like Seafood Dynamite then you will love this roll. Start off with Seafood Dynamite and add crunchy cucumbers. Top it off with Spicy Shrimp and some more masago on top. This roll simple and classy, and a will be a hit for any sushi menu. Rich and Savory Sunset Sushi Roll The rich and savory sunset sushi roll recipe is by far one of the more beautiful and party friendly sushi recipes that I make for parties. It is one of the most commonly requested sushi recipes in my house as it is both flavorful, and beautiful. The cool crisp cucumbers, spicy shrimp, and savory seafood dynamite merge to create one of the best spicy sushi roll recipes known to man. Equipment Needed: Sushi Mat Sharp Serrated Knife 1 Gallon Freezer Bag Cellophane Wrap to Cover Roll Ingredients: Nori (1/2 Sheet) Sushi Rice (Prepared; One Palmful) Cucumber Slices (1/4" thick and the length of the roll) Seafood Dynamite (all rough chopped; salad shrimp, bay scallops, imitation crab, mayo, and srirachi hot sauce to taste) Topping: Spicy Shrimp (masago, rough chopped salad shrimp; thawed, mayo and srirachi hot sauce to taste), and masago (orange fish eggs) Presentation: Set the eight pieces into an 'S' shaped design to give this sunset colored dish some flair. I always prefer to use square Asian fusion plates that have reservoirs along the side when plating my sushi roll to give it an authentic flair. We will start off with 1/2 sheet of Nori, and small Palmful of sushi roll prepared rice. Place the sushi mat inside of the gallon sized plastic freezer bag, ensuring that the sushi rice does not become embedded into the mat. This makes for easier clean-up after preparing sushi roll recipes. Lay the Nori seaweed square on top of the plastic covered sushi roll mat. Place a handful of sushi rice in the middle of the half sheet of Nori with wet hands and gently spread out to the edges. Press down gently to ensure that the rice adheres to the Nori, a key to all rice covered sushi recipes. Flip the Nori sheet over so that it is sheet side up. Place the cucumber slices in a line down the center of the Nori sheet. The cucumber adds a crisp, cool flavor and texture to this sushi recipe. Next add the seafood dynamite, giving this sushi roll recipe a spicy, rich flavor. Make sure not to overfill the roll, or it will be difficult to roll up. Grabbing both corners of the roll closest to yourself, bring the Nori sheet away from you and over the top of the sushi roll recipe filling. Press down gently, and tuck the Nori sheet until the filling so that the Nori sheet seals. Add the spicy shrimp mixture on top. We are just looking for a nice coating on the top for this sushi roll recipe. Now add the small masago giving the roll a beautiful look and adding a nice twist to the flavor of this roll. The masago and spicy shrimp can be added when the roll is flat for greater thickness, but I personally feel that would overpower the roll. You want uniform consistency throughout the inside and outside of this sushi roll so that each bite is as flavorful as the last. Press down on top of the sushi roll with plastic wrap, and press down again to firm it up. With the plastic on the roll, cut the roll in half once, line it up, and cut it in half again, and again using a wet serrated knife until there are eight uniform pieces. This roll makes for a beautiful presentation and a great afternoon meal on days when it is just too hot to turn on the oven.
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Sushi Rice (vinegared rice) - How to make
website→ facebook→!/pages/How-to-Japan/257226684309946?sk=wall
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Sushi: California Roll How to make
Step by step instructions on how to roll a California roll.
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