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Beet Carpaccio Appetizer
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Spicy Shrimp, Lemon Grass Psta and Garlic Spinach
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Crawfish Étouffée recipe from the World's Premier Culinary College
Get the recipe: The Culinary Institute of America is the world's premier culinary college. Culinary school chef instructor Kathy Polenz demonstrates how to prepare the traditional Cajun dish, Crawfish Étouffée. For more information about our cooking school, please visit
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Red Beans and Rice with Shrimp The Posh Pescatarian
Stephanie,The Posh Pescatarian, makes the ultimate Mardi Gras recipe just in time for Fat Tuesday! Red beans and rice with shrimp - delicious, festive and frugal. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
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Watch Crumb Boss make an ICE BOX Cake using Chocolate mousee and Graham Crackers. In this step by step demonstration Crumb Boss shows you how simple it is to make an Amazing Ice Box Cake. Enjoy and we hope you make your own and share it with us! Crumb Boss TV is the #1 pastry and baking channel on Youtube! Have you ever wanted to learn to make a fabulous dessert from a certified culinary pastry chef? How about your very first cake to share with your family and friends? What about learning how to properly decorate a cake with a pastry bag? These are just a few of the examples of amazing desserts you will learn on Crumb Boss TV.. Gretchen Price is the Crumb Boss! She is the guru who will show you each week how to properly make such creations that will have coming back for more! She is a certified culinary pastry chef that will teach you step by step and provides all the recipes, questions you may have on and do forget to share all your photos with all the Crumbies on the Crumb Boss Facebook Fan Page! We run many fun contests there each month and award big prizes! Have Fun! Two inch thick Crumb Buns. Yes big thick Crumb Buns that weigh about a half a pound. Angel Food Cakes, Baklava, Biscotti( assorted flavors) Biscuits, Boston Cream Pies, Bread Pudding, Brownie Mousse Cake, Brownies, Bundt cakes, Butter Cream, Vanilla and Chocolate Cake, Brown Derby, Cheesecakes, Ganache Cinnamon rolls & Bread. Cookie trays (Assorted or decorated over 200 flavors), Cheese Cakes (Assorted flavors) Croissants plain, chocolate or almond, Cupcake (Mini, regular & Jumbo). Gourmet Cupcakes, Lemon blue berry, Red Velvet, Carmel apple, Carrot, Coconut Sour Cream, Custard Cakes, Lemon Cakes, Italian butter cookies, ginger snaps, German Chocolate, Danish rings, éclairs, filled Florentines, French pastries, Fresh strawberry filled whipped cream cakes, Fruit cakes, fudge, German linzer, King Cakes (Mardi Gras), Lemon Squares, Liqueur cakes, loaves (assorted) meringue cookies, muffins (mini, regular and jumbo over so many flavors. Nut squares Petit Fours, Puff pastry turnovers, blueberry pie, apple pie, coconut custard pie, chocolate mousse pie, pumpkin pie, Boston cream Pie, donuts, sticky buns, chocolate dipped strawberries tuxedo style, strudels, fresh fruit tarts, Tiramisu, Tortes, wedding cakes and so much more mouth watering desserts. Crumb Boss TV the Best Baking channel on You Tube!!!
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Spicy tuna salad
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Added: 2732 days ago From Kitchenaholics
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Thai chicken coconut soup (Tom Kha Gai)
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Thai Food - Deep fried shrimp with lemongrass (kung hor ta klai)
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Thai Food - Lemomgrass spicy salad (yum ta klai)
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Thai Food: Tom Yum Pla (Thai sour and spicy fish soup)
If you known Tom Yum Koong was, That mean you known Tom Yum Pla too :) Koong in Thai word means Prawn or Shrimp and Pla means Fish :) sound easy right^^ more information : Music by :
Added: 2795 days ago From Kitchenaholics
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Tom yum fried rice (Thai spicy fried rice) Khao pad tom yum
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Added: 2744 days ago From Kitchenaholics
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Tom Yum Pizza : พิซซ่าต้มยำ
Tom Yum Pizza : พิซซ่าต้มยำ Thai love international food, so we made this as a Thai fusion dish, yeh! Tom Yum flavor is my favorite ^_____^ You can use pre-made Tom Yum sauce which you can find in Asian market but I think fresh ingredients is much more aromatic, more tasty and more delicious! Read more information and print this recipe at ---------------------- ★ Visit our BLOG for more recipes ★ ★ Subscribe us on YouTube ★ ★ Follow us on Twitter ★ ★ Google+ ★ ★ Like our Facebook fan page ★ Music : ---------------------- Ingredients: (1 small pizza around 9") 1 part of my small pizza dough 1 ts. crushed galangal 1 ts. crushed shallot 3 ts. chopped lemongrass 1 ts. chopped red chili (or as much as you prefer) 2 ts. Thai chilli paste 3 ts. lime juice 1 ts. fish sauce kaffir lime leave olive oil for brushing ส่วนผสม: (สำหรับพิซซ่าขนาดเล็ก 1 ถาด หรือขนาดประมาณ 9 นิ้ว) แป้งพิซซ่า 1 ส่วน ข่าขูดฝอย 1 ช้อนชา หอมแดงขูด 1 ช้อนชา ตะไคร้ซอย 3 ช้อนชา พริกแดงสับ 1 ช้อนชา (หรือมากน้อยตามชอบ) พริกเผา 2 ช้อนชา น้ำมะนาว 3 ช้อนชา น้ำปลา 1 ช้อนชา ใบมะกรูดซอย น้ำมันมะกอกสำหรับทาแป้งพิซซ่า
Added: 2550 days ago From Kitchenaholics
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